Can Using a 3D Rendering of a Project Increase its Validity?

An important step to take in beginning a new development project is proposing its design to the potential community in which the design will be built. The project must be presented in a way that helps the community visualize the design in their minds, as best they can.

It’s become evident that the way the building process becomes misconstrued is due to miscommunication in visualizing the final product. If designers can’t effectively provide the accurate idea of how s/he envisions the project, then the community may perceive the ideas differently from what the actual finished project is.

A reliable method to present a new project is needed in order to avoid misperceptions with the audience.  Designers must give an accurate representation of their potential projects, which will then give the designer more credibility.

If a designer can’t present the vision of a prospective building, how can the audience possibly envision  the design? A precise image of how the building will look and how it will function is vital in the development process. Developers can use effective methods and techniques to give an audience the right of idea of what he or she has in mind, particularly 3D visualization and animation videos. These can take an audience through the foundation of the project, while giving a precise image of the development from all different angles and perspectives.

One of our clients is a prime example in proving this point to be true. They provided a simulation for their design at a planning commission meeting, but the project did not meet to standards because it was lacking details. It was immediately requested to be resubmitted and to include descriptive and 3D dimensional animations.

Crunched for time, new aspects and clear-cut images of the plan were included in a revised package for the client. This new representation of their plan was then approved by the city, and they were accurate enough to the point where they had confidence in the design.

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