Builders Turn to Architectural Rendering Company to Help with Phase 1 Condo Sales

Selling a condo that is not built yet is much easier with the help of an architectural rendering company. An architectural rendering company can take your architectural plans or CAD drawings and turn them into photorealistic 3D virtual homes.

Phase 1 condo sales are a challenge. You are asking potential buyers to envision this beautiful condo space without having a model to walk them through. When you have a 3D display done by an architectural rendering company, your job gets a lot easier.

The Services of an Architectural Rendering Company Can Enhance Your Sales Efforts

How can a 3D architectural rendering company help your Phase 1 condo sales?

  • It gives your potential buyers the ability to see what they are buying. Instead of just showing a 2D floor plan, your buyers will see a three dimensional home.
  • It enhances your sales efforts because it looks like a home they can just walk in and settle down. Next to having a real furnished condo to bring buyers through, a 3D rendering is the next best thing.
  • It takes much of the guesswork out of it for the buyers, making the decision making process easier. Trying to envision a completed condo out of a 2D floor plan is difficult for potential buyers and makes them take longer to decide.
  • It can take the potential buyer on a tour of common areas as well as the condo. Condominium owners are part of a larger community. By making a 3D rendering that display the community elements, it enhances your marketing efforts.

When you are putting together your marketing materials for your condo project, that is the time to get those 3D renderings done. You can use them in brochures, on display boards, and in a myriad of other ways to make the right impression on potential buyers. Your marketing efforts will get a big kick start with a beautiful 3D rendering of the condominiums you are trying to sell.

If you want to talk some more about how 3D floor plans can help your condo marketing plans, contact us here at Creative 3D renderings. You can call us at 888.908.0776 or use our contact form to send us an email.



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