How did we get a new Gym With no State Funding? A 3D Rendering helped us Raise Money!

Everyone knows state and federal governments are undergoing budgetary freezes and austerity across the board. So when our old school gym reached the end of its life, they simply boarded it up, with the state declaring gym to be non-essential to the quality of education. A simple look around in our society tells you it is far from being non-essential, especially when obesity is one of the biggest risks facing America’s children. How could we treat their health as a secondary concern?

A bunch of the parents got together and we decided to hold a meeting to see how we could go about fundraising. Lucky for us one of the parents is an architect, who had contacts with an architectural Rendering firm. He mentioned many other groups who are trying to raise money find it easier to do so if those who are would be donors could envision it.

One parent asked what he meant? His response was quite simple, “I can do up a 3d rendering of our new school gym.”

“Would that work?” Another parent asked.

“Absolutely.” He replied.

Unfortunately for our committee, as these organizations often do, we got sidetracked, and set about trying to raise the money without the 3d rendering. Suffice to say we didn’t raise much money at all.

In a last ditch effort we called the parent back and took him up on his offer to do a rendering. Needless to say he was delighted to oblige.

The next week we scheduled a press release and media availability to show off our new 3d rendering. Needless to say we were very busy at the end of the night, as parents, business leaders, the mayor, Rotary and others dug deep to come up with the money we needed for our project.

Over the course of the next few weeks when delivering packages to businesses we were constantly met with impressed looks when they saw the 3d renderings. And open checkbooks soon followed. It was quite clear what we were missing the first time, the ability for people to visualize our project, which is important in order to get stakeholder buy in.

Without the 3d rendering it is clear we would not be getting ready for next weeks ground breaking on our new school gym. With austerity measures, and state and federal coffers the way they are, we know others are in the same boat we were in. Knowing if they want to have a new school gym, they’ll have to come up with the money themselves. By sharing how 3d renderings helped us raise the funds for our new school gym, we hope to make the process a little easier on those who do it next.
Over the next few months as we watch our new gym go up, we know we have one person to thank. The architect parent, who insisted we do a 3d rendering, it alone is responsible for us succeeding in raising the funds for our project. To put it simply anyone trying to articulate a vision needs a model, a 3d rendering model, which is an inexpensive and effective way to articulate your vision.



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