Management Companies Using 3D Floor Plans to Showcase Vacant Apartments

A 3D floor plan will help your company rent apartments faster and more effectively than your competitors.

Keeping apartments rented in a competitive market is a challenge. Using 3D floor plans you can make it easier for tenants to see how their furniture and personal items will fit into the space. The rendering shows a typical layout of furniture and fixtures. This makes it easy for a potential tenant to envision their own items in the space.

That will give you a marketing edge over other apartment management companies trying to get the same tenant to rent.

Give Your Potential Tenants a 3D Floor Plan

To stand out from your competition, you need to give potential tenants the chance to see how the apartment looks without ever leaving their current residence. You can put a 3D floor plan on your website or in your print ad and let people look around. It gives them a chance to see how rooms look and how furniture and fixtures will work in the layout.

What are the benefits of offering a 3D floor plan?

  •     Tenants can envision themselves living in the space. It transforms a 2D sketch into a 3D fully furnished home.

  •     Tenants can look at all the layouts you have available. This is great for those who have multiple apartment layouts available.

  •     Tenants will have a good idea of what you are offering after looking at a 3D floor plan. That means they are almost ready to sign the lease. They know they are going to put the bed over there and the couch on that wall.

Providing a 3D floor plan to your apartments will enhance your marketing efforts, both online and offline. The plans look good online or in print. It will get tenants interested and ready to sign faster. The use of technology also makes an impression on them. Most people like technology and like to see a company using it in an innovative way.

If you want to learn more about how a 3D floor plan for your apartment offering will enhance your marketing efforts, give us a call Creative 3D Renderings. You can reach us at 888.908.0776

888.908.0776 or use the contact form to send us an email. We can show you examples of 3D floor plans and how they can enhance your apartment marketing efforts.

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