Marketing for architects is easier with the help of 3D renderings

Buildings are three-dimensional spaces that have a unique feeling depending on the architect’s vision. Architects translate their designs into computer-based plans that contractors use to build. But, those plans are usually in 2D, not 3D. That makes them less useful for marketing purposes.

An architectural rendering company can take those computer designs and turn them into 3D renderings. Those renderings offer a photorealistic view of the architect’s vision, complete with furniture and fixtures. It gives potential clients a real look at what the architect has to offer and how the final project can look.

Create a 3D Architectural Showcase

Three dimensional renderings allow architects to showcase their work, even if the building has not been constructed yet. The 3D renderings give potential clients a view into projects at various construction stages.

How can renderings help architects market to potential clients?

  • Give a client a photorealistic presentation of an architect’s portfolio of work. It takes the guesswork out of how a floor plan will translate into a finished space.

  • Allows clients to see projects from multiple angles. Once the rendering is done in the computer, the rendering company can take snaps at different angles. This helps clients get a better vision of how the space will look from different perspectives.

  • Provides architects a way to show clients buildings planned but not built. Many architects have a portfolio of plans that will never be built. With three dimensional renderings, those plans come to life and offer inspiration to clients and the architect as well.

For an architect trying to bring in new clients, three-dimensional renderings are a valuable marketing tool. The architect can use them on webpages or in printed materials. It provides clients with a visual display of the architect’s skills.

For more information on how 3D renderings can help showcase your portfolio of architectural designs, contact Creative 3D Renderings. We have helped many architects take their portfolios from 2D to 3D. Give us a call today.



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